At Coleman Group we offer the highest level of management available to our clients.

Our Management Team expects to meet the highest expectations and demands of our clients through our commitment to excellence in property management services. We take pride in providing extraordinarily responsive services sensitive to our clients’ needs. Working within tightly controlled budgets, Coleman-managed buildings are maintained to the highest standards by an experienced and responsive management staff which understands the value of building appearance as well as operating efficiency. Preventive maintenance operations, janitorial services, landscaping services, elevator maintenance, security services, vendor contract negotiations and disbursements, taxes and budget preparation and control are all handled with a level of expertise unmatched in the marketplace.

The following is a brief outline of the various property management services our Management Team can provide. While all of these services may not apply to every project, the list demonstrates our unique ability and flexibility in executing any and all phases of any assignment:

Coordinate tenant relations/retention programs
Implement & maintain response programs
Inspect property on regular schedule
Negotiate all vendor contracts
Supervise and maintain preventive maintenance operations
Supervise professional landscaping services
Appeal & reduce real estate taxes
Install & improve energy management program
Supervise all on-site building functions
Supervise security services
Prepare & monitor annual building budget preparations
Voucher & disperse all vendor invoices
Supervise professional janitorial services
Coordinate elevator inspections & maintenance
Generate & execute work orders





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